Best Electric Fireplace Reviews

The touch of elegance is always a special part of a home, that lights up during all seasons. This touch can mean and be anything in the ideal home. But a common phenomenon and a significant way to light up your home is by adding a fireplace. Households which do not have the natural one can make an effort to go in for an electric fireplace which is suitable enough to add a sense of beauty to your home. So, let’s explore some of these products with an added expert review.

1. Puraflame Electric Fireplace


Puraflame is no stranger in the industry. The company has been at the helm of things for a long time and continues to bring in innovation and creativity with each passing product. This 30-inch electric fireplace is the ideal machine that you can install in your home for a valuable amount. It comes with a warranty lasting up to a year and a three flame option coming with variable intensity. It is easy to install, and maintenance is not going to be a pain.

2. Touchstone 80001 Onyx

If design and visual appearance are your things, then the touchstone 80001 Onyx is your appliance. It’s beautiful to look at and powerful enough to heat your entire home. The machine can be mounted on a wall and maintenance will not be a big worry. But one of the main factors that you have to keep in mind is the dust particles. You need to ensure that dust does not enter the machine at all costs. So, reduce dust in your home by installing a dehumidifier, which is a gadget for every situation.

3. Real Flame Silverton

The look of a real fireplace might be visually stunning and appealing for every household. So to capture that feeling you can buy the Real Flame Silverton which does the job of fitting inside like a mantel. A wooden mantel, screen, firebox and remote control are some of the basic features that are a part of this machine. Real Flame is ideally one of the best electric fireplace brands in the market, as their products have witnessed a sea of demands.

4. Pleasant Hearth Sheridan

When it comes to performance, the Pleasant Hearth Sheridan is capable enough to provide an impressive amount of warmth and comfort. One need not worry about the cost of assembling, as the product comes completely packed, where all you have to do is plug it into an electric board. Many reviewers have given the product a thumbs up, as they are impressed by its cost. The machine comes at an affordable rate that seems to be fair for the built and durability of the product.

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